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MasterOfTheTiger (QOTO)

@Are0h You ask "What part of the Bible says 'Thou shall not use a child's pronouns'??". What you really mean is "What part of the Bible says 'Thou shalt use whatever pronouns a child wants to be called'??"

@Are0h You are being misleading in your rhetorical question.

Note: I just looked up the event after I saw your toot.

@Are0h Now this is just ridiculous. This whole conversation and attack towards truth.

@deadgreenhouse good point. But if I install it once, I will know better next time. Right??

@sbjohnsrpi Great to have you here! I like qoto for some of those same reasons.

Bad math isn't a joke, educate your children :)

Hi all, I'm a software engineer, and I'm happy to join the Fediverse! I do a good bit of DevOps work; FOSS makes my life easier. #introduction #programming #foss

Someone just gave me a computer to fix. The software is screwed up because of a Windows 10 update. Guess what I am going to do with it. ;-)

@djsumdog Yeah. He is very political, and he uses CAPS a LOT. So we played on that and teased him a bit to get him to settle down.

He posts the same stuff many places, and trolls a lot. He gets the conversations off course. So I wanted to play around a little bit. My friend actually started that as you can see. It is pretty funny.

I just had a lot of fun teasing an extreme conservative on diaspora* with a friend. Read it, and try not to laugh. :-)

Day 25 of #nanowrimo

If you're feeling stuck, try to mix it up. Throw in something unexpected. You never know what could happen.

I am thinking about maybe installing Gentoo sometime.

I’d tell you a Fibonacci joke, but it’s probably as bad as the last two you’ve heard combined.

Our local library has a pretty good black friday offer:

(translated from danish:)
"Borrow two books for the price of one
Twice as free"

why can't software go GPL for black Friday?

I wrote two thousand words today. I am still about four days behind, but hey, I did a lot more than the last few days. But says I have to do at least 2300 words a day to finish on time. Oh well. Maybe next year. Even if I don't make it, I am going to finish the book in December.