web.archive.org is adding more restrictions. I can't save a URL without JavaScript anymore...

@freemo What's a VM? 😆

More seriously, I have been working on switching to distributions which are more advanced with different technologies and way of doing things to learn more about Linux.

I will stop distro hopping the day I have tried every single distro.

Programming with Python and JavaScript has worn on me. Semicolons are not optional in PHP!

@vrsmd NVM looks pretty good. That sounds like it would work pretty well.

Okay. I will keep that in mind

Just remember that I do not use Gentoo at the moment, and it will likely be a little while before I do so again.

@freemo They look great! I wish I could write like that. The most I can do is cursive (but I use cursive all of the time).

@vrsmd One of the important dependencies would always fail to compile. net-libs/nghttp2

This was the output of
/var/tmp/portage/net-libs/nghttp2-1.33.0/temp/build.log :

This was the output of
emerge --info '=net-libs/nghttp2-1.33.0::gentoo' :

I really want to try FreeBSD sometime. I would still be using Gentoo if I could get NodeJS and a couple other programs on it.

Compiling PHP on Void Linux again. Can't they make it easier to use SSL and Mysqli?

"The unexamined life is not worth living" - Socrates

I have been thinking about learning more Lisp, but I need to figure out something to work on in particular. I learn best when I am building something. I have been simply tinkering with ELisp in Emacs recently.

@freemo Woah. How much more to the universe do you think there is?

@jasper Hm. That whole thing is a bit odd. It must have been something on YouTube's end.

I mean, what if I said something like:

"It is January, which means it is illegal to be bisexual. Anyone caught being bi will be immediately reported to the FBI."

Even in jest, I am sure no one would like that, and I would likely get some blocks for it as well. Of course, I wouldn't say that, so it is a moot point.


@freemo I had to personal block some dudes at freespeechextremist.com (from my other account) because they kept attacking.

I later silenced the instance for harassment, because I knew they would go after others on There's Life, and there was no reason to see racist stuff on the timelines.

Too bad to see the "free speech" label go so terribly.

@mngrif But if I said the opposite about another month, you would shoot me dead.... Come on.

@freemo Mastodon.social has been pretty bad in general. Looking at what and how they ban simply makes me cringe. They are supposed to be advocating the Fediverse, not stifling it. Looking at their blocklist shows that they block those with whom they disagree. They use "harassment" as a blanket term. Well, they never had issues with harassment with some of those instances, because they never federated with them to begin with.

An admin should only block another instance when they actually have problems with that instance, and there is no other way to resolve it.

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