I thought I’d start out here with how I arrived. But first, I want to thank @freemo for hosting this instance. I was not really looking to exit the twit as I had trimmed my follows down to some very useful feeds. But, once I noticed Mastodon due the mass exodus in the last weeks, it intrigued me. It sounded like a cross between bbs and the Well; all of which I enjoyed in the past. Once I understood I needed to find an instance, the hunt was on. After looking at many instances, uptimes, user numbers and reading many admins dispositions towards free speech in their instance, I settled on I was happy to see @freemo’s statement on free speech coupled with “but don’t be racist, sexist, hateful, and don’t harass people”. At the same time encouraging users to be adults and block what they don’t want in their feeds and providing directions to block lists for the more sensitive amongst us. Hit all the right buttons for me. I’m looking forward to learning about Mastodon and meeting new people. Oh yeah, and I like the character limits too!

@Middleway I am very happy to hear that and im glad I was able to make this a place you wannt to be! I look forward to getting to know you int he time to come.

@Middleway @freemo I think it was the character limits that sold me. I’m long-winded 😄

@Middleway @freemo , I saw STEM in the description, and realized although I participate more in politics discussions and ribald humor, what I remember most is the science news and discussions. I seem to have gotten lucky.


Luckily we allow discussions on any topics as long as you are a STEM enthusiast or professional you are welcome here :) Great to have you.


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