Talk about politics, your hobbies, your interests, your favourite things but don’t talk against someone’s religion. It hurts and it’s unethical. If you do this then change yourself. This world is already full of negativity, bring some love and positivity in yourself and in this world.

@MominRasool I agree but with a caveat.It is ok to be critical of a religions teachings and to discuss it if done so with due respect (avoiding blanket statements).

When it becomes an issue for me is when someone is attacked due to their religion or prejudices are assumed because of it.

@freemo @MominRasool Thank you! It seems cool and stylish for atheist progressives to say shit like, “if you believe in [xyz] you’re a fuckin idiot” That’s just wrong.

@mmogg @MominRasool Sad but true. Everyone is eager to find someone to be prejudice against these days. Prejudice is the in thing!

@mmogg @freemo exactly I was scrolling twitter and saw some hateful tweets for Muslims by some atheists. They were mocking our Prophet (PBUH) and saying rubbish about Allah. That’s so painful. If you don’t believe in something (God/religion) keep it to yourself don’t imply your things or opinions to others we don’t need them. We just end up to reporting them because no one can change atheist’s mindsets with their long speeches and wise words because atheists not gonna change. If you can’t spread love then don’t spread hate. Be neutral or go away!

@MominRasool @mmogg I'm sorry people made those sorts of comments around you :(

@MominRasool I find it sad that many people take as a personal insult when someone has another religion.
You are not a protestant christian? Ok, that will challange my faith. I need my faith to be challanged, that you.

@MominRasool Hurtful perhaps, but not always unethical.

I think Ayaan Hirsi is a good example of when one ought to be critical of religion. She comes to the table with good reasons, not just mean words (which, for some people online, seems to be a kind of currency).

@StrikerD there is a sign everywhere for every person who wants to follow a straight path.

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