@NeadReport Yea the federated feed is fast. what i do is if i see something i like i scroll down slightly. If you arent scrolled to the top then the scrolling will halt and the feed appears motionless, even though the posts are still being added to the top out of scroll.

Just be careful when your done reading or interacting to the post you scroll back to the top. If you dont the federated feed just gets larger over time and slowly eats memory. Once you scroll to the top it clears all the older posts from the scroll though so it will quickly free that memory back up.

So I got the raw 3d MRI source files from the hospital. Then I got the software needed to view the MRI in 3d. It let me rotate, slice, and even colorize the images. So **I** generated these images from the raw MRI. It shows my kidney, heart, and skeleton from 4 different angles fully colorized. How cool is that!

I also included some of just the heart and kidneys on its own from the same scan.

How do I set my Federated timeline to stop live loading? I would prefer to scroll and refresh as needed. Thanks.

Thought is the enemy of flow. - Vinnie Colaiuta

Hello Mastadonians! First time post here; I have been on Twitter since 2009. Looking forward to all of this pachyderm goodness.

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