Hi !

I am a paleontologist/geologist. My research interests are in paleontology. I mostly focus on using quantitative methods, my Master's thesis used morphometrics and multivariate statistics to quantify species within a single bivalve genus. I now work for a university as a geology lab manager. I mostly teach and coordinate the introductory undergraduate course labs.

I'm also just an all around science nerd, so I'm excited to meet other scientists and discover new things. I love to be always learning. Along with this comes an appreciation for most and fantasy things out there.

@Paleomancer Oh wow a paleontologist. I think we had one sign up a few days ago. I dont remember his name. But man thats epic. I can't wait to learn from you. Do you have a particular aspect you specialize in?

I'm also a use scifi fan. Did you know we recently had wil wheaton join the fediverse? He has been active and verified his identity.He has also been a class act and tries to interact with his fan base it seems.

@freemo I am an invertebrate paleontologist. So I don't really work on anything with a backbone. I haven't really focused on a particular group, but my Master's was focused on a bivalve (clams) genus, and I have worked on things like trilobites before.

@Paleomancer "I don't work on anything with a backbone"... so you study politicians? ::waits awkwardly for laughter::

@Paleomancer As a technical SCUBA diver you are really peaking my interest now. Invertebrates are some of my favorite sea creatures.

@Paleomancer Yours is like one of the best usernames ever.

I'm studying for a geology exam right now and I'm having a great time, really interesting stuff.

And yeah, scifi and fantasy seem like a common theme around qoto... Any author your feel particularly attached to?

I look forward to your posts, welcome!

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