Energy saving tip number 11

Save on hot water heating…

- Use cold water for all clothes washing. It works just as well with modern laundry detergent.
- Wash your hands using cold water and soap instead of hot water.
- Use an electric shower head. It’s much more efficient than using a central water heating system that loses heat in the pipes.
- Replace a storage tank system with an instantaneous (on-demand) water heater.
- Set the water heater to the lowest temperature that you can tolerate for your applications. If you find yourself adding cold water at the tap to get the right temperature, then it’s set too high. You can usually set the temperature lower in the warmer months.
- Insulate the hot water pipes that run from the water heater. (This is often very inexpensive and easy to do.)

If you must use a storage tank water heater:
- Cover your hot water tank with an insulating blanket and mylar over the blanket to prevent heat loss. Make sure the blankets don’t get near any heat source, though, like the burners or the exhaust flue.
- Shut off the water heater when you are not going to use hot water for more than a day. This prevents it from wasting energy as it constantly tries to heat the tank. Most systems can get the water up to temperature in about 15-30 minutes when you are ready to use hot water again. (Note: The water will stay “warm” in the tank for a few days, so if you don’t need “hot” water, you can wait and just use “warm” water until you are ready to turn it back on again.)

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Another thing you can do to save heat from hot water is to stop the drain of your sink or tub/shower to prevent the hot water from going down the drain.

Let the water sit in the sink for a couple of hours before you let it drain. That way the heat from the hot water will be released into the room to help heat the living space, instead of being wasted down the drain.

This saves a surprising amount of energy because water holds many times as much heat as air does.

(They make heat-recovery heat exchangers for the drian that can do this automatically, but it's really just as easy to get in the habit of doing it yourself.)

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BATH TIP: Use the water for cleaning stuff / Bucket some water out of your bath next time! :) 

Use this mass of water from your bath for cleaning things... more uses below (like kids playing with the water!).

- wash car, football boots,
- wash clothes, or submerge anything that needs... just rinse after
- use as grey water for other things (especially if you don't use a lot of chemicals... if you do clean things with those chemicals like the car and be humble carrying buckets out)
-Wash dirty plates in the bath (leave them to soak!! Then use rag to wipe sides after and bucket out to plants or drainage outside
- wash the dog if you have
- let kids play with water in bath... give them paper boats and watch them sink (!) and then make new ones, kids like water and lots of it allows safe play standing next to it warm indoors, like mini-pool !

-more welcome, surprise me!....

I'm even using left over boiling water for potatoes etc to clean my feet so there's more than one way for you! Again I just rinse after and main thing is using the hotness and warmth of water so I don't have to boil more for what is usually already dirty or can be rinsed again.


Ooooh yeah! Real saving the world here friends of the planet... freeschool!

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