Star Parker is so anti-abortion, that she wants a law to prohibit people from swipping left on Tinder.

(image: cropped, CC-BY-CA-2.0, Gage Skidmore, Fickr)


If you have to explain a joke, it's no longer funny, but I like Patsplaining, so...

Tinder is a mobile dating app. When users of the app are looking for potential mates, they view other user's profiles and if they like them, they swipe (run their finger across the screen) to the right. When they don’t like another user’s profile, they swipe to the left. When two users each swipe right on each other’s profile, then maybe there is a match and the app lets them try to communicate with each other. However, when someone swipes left, then there will never be a chance to connect with the other user.

Anti-abortionist do not want to prevent babies from being born. Some even believe in having prohibitions against using birth control because it intercedes in the procreation process. Star Parker has said that she is 100% anti-abortion. She is also an advocate of conservative, right-wing politics here in the states.

A common technique in constructing jokes is to use hyperbole – to exaggerate an idea to such an extreme as to make it absurd. In this joke, I took the concept of interrupting the process of procreation to an absurd level by implying that swiping left interrupts the process of procreation by preventing two (heterosexual) people from potentially meeting and possibly having sex, etc.

Another technique of joke construction is to use double meaning. In this case the word “left” is used in reference to swiping left, but also as a reference to left-wing politics (she wants to prevent left-swiping, and would also want to prevent people from embracing left-wing ideas).

Now you can laugh.

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