>"Ah, how very clever. They got McConnell to block Obama's court pick in 2016 because they knew in 2023 they'd have a 50/50 Senate."

I don't understand why you said that. I don't understand how it relates to what I said.

>"Oh, and all the Senators for 7 years were able to keep this master plan perfectly secret."

These tactics are not a one-time plan, they're a mode of operation for Congress. They do these tactics in order shield members from making votes that constituents wouldn't like. Most of them don't want a bill to pass, but they get one member to block it. Or use any number techniques to make it look like they want a bill to pass, but somehow it never makes it and they blame it something else.

Abortion, for example, is a goldmine for Democrats. They don't want that controversy to go away. They don't want to kill that golden goose. They don't want to pass legislation to make it legal once and for all. Then they'd lose a huge issue to rally and distract their voters with.


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