Thanks Canadian Covid Care Alliance.

I happen to know one of the founding members and have had personal discussions with him. Dr Steven Pelech, a senate board member at the University of British Columbia and an esteemed neurologist.

its tough luck the atmosphere of socially acceptable bullying with the backing of the state and large corprate funds was aloud to stiffle discourse. Dr Pelech invited public debates yet no one would rise to the occasion instead using slander and soft censoring as the tactic.

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@Pat his view put short is these vaccines should have been used more strategically for vulnerable only. Mandates are bad. if you need links to the content he has created I can find some links if you like?



Thank you.

That's ok, I don't need more links, I get the gist of what he was doing.

@Pat I wont post his opions they should be easy enough to find but for identifying purposes this is him.

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