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Hello I am Matt, I joined mastodon a few times and recently lost my account on due to some technical issues and a misunderstanding. Anyway here I am starting over again, I had considered running my own instance but seemed to hold similar values so here I am.

I love the outdoors and computing. Philisophically I think personal is the ultimate persuit of expression and hapiness, while engaging with other free individuals we create a understanding society. The only way to have a and respectful is to respect others freedoms.

This love of freedom like is also important in computing. should be a bigger topic in the mainstream, even if someone is not technically compotent, it should be easy to understand that the blueprints to the software that run our dams, electrical, city halls, science, communication etc, etc.. is very important.

My hope is to share various passions of mine here on qoto and find new friends in the fediverse. Eventually see all the people I love on fediverse. This is more ethical platform for social connectedness and more natural like the p2p nature of in person communicatrion.

Here are a list of some of my interests in hash tags:

I'll attempt to repost this and add tags as time goes on.

Anyone using session messenger ? if yes how is your experience?

does anyone know if is freesoftware opensource ?

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For some reason I'm proud of myself that I've started consistently shutting down the computer by clicking the shutdown icon instead of switching to the terminal and typing "sudo shutdown -h now".

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New blog post:

Funkwhale 1.3.1 is here! This release contains several bugfixes and quality of life improvements.


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I just finished reading Issue 42 (Spring 2023) of the Free Software Foundation's Bulletin. It has a story, by Alper Atmaca (@alper) of the Free Software Association (Özgür Yazılım Derneği) in Turkey, about how the "OsmAnd+"/"OsmAnd~" mapping application -- available on #FDroid for #Android devices -- was crucial in aiding them while they were responding to the earthquakes in #Turkey in February. #OsmAnd works offline (for both mapping and routing), can work with raw UTM coordinates, and is #FreeSoftware. While other proprietary solutions were dependent upon the now-defunct grid system of electricity and internet to function, OsmAnd kept on trucking, enabling the rescuer to effectively perform their duties. The #OSM community itself also shines here, in that they volunteered by the thousands to map the extensive damage in days.

It's definitely worth the read, and is a testament to the power and value of Free Software over the supposed superiority of proprietary offerings.

Incidentally, OsmAnd also saved me from (far less mission-critical) headaches once too when the otherwise-reliable cell network in my city went offline while I was doing #GigWork, working for #DoorDash:

@fsf @openstreetmap #FSF #FreeSoftwareFoundation #OSM #GIS

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Some people believe there's no purpose to "liking" something on Mastodon since it doesn't affect any algorithm.

Not the case.

It does something incredibly valuable: it acknowledges people.

Which is incredibly powerful, and is all the more important *because* it's not connected to gaming any algorithm.

By liking something on Mastodon, you are doing it honestly -- without any agenda at play other than that you like it.

So go ahead. Click that like button for its own sake.

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Why is gravity so cheap?

Why Because it's mass-produced.

its tough luck the atmosphere of socially acceptable bullying with the backing of the state and large corprate funds was aloud to stiffle discourse. Dr Pelech invited public debates yet no one would rise to the occasion instead using slander and soft censoring as the tactic.

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Thanks Canadian Covid Care Alliance.

I happen to know one of the founding members and have had personal discussions with him. Dr Steven Pelech, a senate board member at the University of British Columbia and an esteemed neurologist.

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All of our advocacy efforts wouldn't be possible without the generosity of donors like William Hill Jr., Emin Martinian, Portia Jones, Guus Sliepen, Yidong Chong, and Uday Kale #ThankGNU

Hey Hitler was a bad dude. He also thought the world was round.

deep thoughts.

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There is nothing natural about extreme inequality. It is the predictable result of an economic system that distributes income based on who owns the means of production, rather than according to any common-sense principle of labour contribution, human needs or justice.

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The more things change, the more they stay the same. The only solution is taking platforms out of the moderation game. The content-layer of the internet should be moved to neutral protocols.

*You* should be the one who decides what you can read. Not a company. Not a government.

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Assigning your copyright to the FSF helps defend the GPL and keep software free. Thanks to Gregory Martin Pfeil, Danny Yihan He, and Daniel Robert Ziltener for assigning their copyright to the FSF! #GNU #Emacs Learn more at #CopyrightAssignments

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Our Email Self-Defense guide teaches you how to defend yourself and others by using encryption. Check out the updated version, get your GnuPG set up, and share with absolutely everyone you know with #UserFreedom:

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