Folks. It's 2023. If you're still releasing installers without GUIs, quit your job now.

Nobody should have to go to shell prompts to install shit anymore.


If I'm installing a minium system, like a headless server, I certainly don't want all that extra GUI code executing during my install.

@Pat I'm not saying that command line installers shouldn't exist.

Just that they shouldn't be the only option.


Yeah, for distros that offer a windowing system, that makes sense.

@Pat Even for ones that don't, it'd still be nice.

The only developers who actually code inside of headless servers are lunatics. So, there should be easier, GUI-based ways to download and install distros, even if just for development environments.

This is really just a small part of my frustrations today, though.... I've been banging my head against a wall all afternoon just trying to set up a basic environment to start learning Python coding on Windows. I'm close to giving up.
It's a far cry from the .NET world where you just install visual studio and choose your language and go.


I'm a long-time Unix/Linux user/developer and I work at the command line all the time. I even edit videos from the command line. I just use a desktop for web browsing and some writing. So I guess we just have different perspectives on this.

Hope you get your Python IDE up and going without too much more hassle.

@Pat I don't understand the appeal of writing modern code at the command line. Is it just to avoid the pain of an ugly deployment process? Why would you choose that over a fuller-featured IDE in a GUI environment?



I don't write modern code. I write in awk and bash and perl and such. I work alone and develop for my own purposes only, so I don't have to worry about deployment beyond my own environment and don't have to be compatible with anything else.

I'm a minimalist, so I avoid running anything extra that I don't need that might introduce issues. Fewer lines of code executing on my systems mean less chance of nasty stuff creeping in.

Also, I can run stuff on 20-year-old systems and it runs fast.

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