Congress and Biden just came to an agreement on the budget. They had to make cuts in order to come to an agreement.

If you were in charge, which would you cut?

In case you're wondering, Congress choose #4. They just decided to cut food for poor people; and they kept politician's salaries, bombs, and tax loopholes for the rich.

Put nobody ever pays attention and we're more than a year from the next election so voters will forget by then and those fuckers will get re-elected again.

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@Pat One and only one answer for me... guns and bombs to make more war... Though the real answer is fewer military bases and personel too.

Politician salaries are very reasonable and such a small part of the budget as to be a pointless target.

Tax loopholes... maybe, but which ones? Most tax laws seem reasonable to me and I dont see too many loopholes, but im willing to accept there probably are some worth addressing.

Food for poor people, nah, starving people to death is never an option, compassion first.

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