世衛若沒提供科興疫苗的評估報告, 老韭們大概只能寄望中國藥廠生產的俄羅斯疫苗了~

"The Russian Direct Investment Fund, which has been in charge of international cooperation for Sputnik V, said in April it would produce 100 million doses in collaboration with Hualan Biological Bacterin Inc., in addition to an earlier deal announced in March for 60 million doses with Shenzhen Yuanxin Gene tech Co.

The two deals are in addition to a deal announced last November with Tibet Rhodiola Pharmaceutical Holding Co, which had paid $9 million to manufacture and sell the Sputnik V vaccine in China. RDIF said in April the terms of the deal were for 100 million doses with a subsidiary company belonging to Tibet Rhodiola."

"However, none of the three Chinese companies has begun manufacturing Sputnik V as of yet."

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“That would be a loss for global health and an embarrassment for the Biden Administration. Americans should question whose interests are served by their colossal financial contributions to the WHO.”


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"The G-7 language was tougher on China than the document produced by the larger, 30-member NATO grouping. For instance, Taiwan went unnamed by the security alliance while the G-7 statement devoted a paragraph to calls for stability in the Taiwan Strait and neighboring seas, which China claims as its sovereign domain. It was the first-ever mention of that hot-button issue in such a communiqué, according to the University of Toronto’s G-7 Research Group."


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G7公報連結, 對台海立場在頁22:

"60. We reiterate the importance of maintaining a free and open Indo Pacific, which is inclusive
and based on the rule of law. We underscore the importance of peace and stability across the
Taiwan Strait, and encourage the peaceful resolution of cross-Strait issues. We remain seriously
concerned about the situation in the East and South China Seas and strongly oppose any
unilateral attempts to change the status quo and increase tensions."


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海利認為,美國應該要對中國採取更強硬政策,並聯合澳洲、印度、南韓、日本和加拿大一起抵制2022北京冬奧。她說:「如果我們不抵制、不做些事向他們下戰書,請記住我的話:台灣會是下一個。如果他們拿下台灣,一切就完蛋了(If they take Taiwan, it’s all over),他們更有恃無恐奪取任何他們想要的領土。」”


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"But the increased attention is also likely to threaten its security and could adversely affect Taipei’s ties with regional countries, analysts said, adding that Southeast Asian nations were likely to stay on the sidelines so as not to complicate relations with Beijing."


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"The Taiwan Strait issue provides a golden opportunity for two sides of the Atlantic to jointly uphold their shared values on democracy, to advance peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region, and to respond to Beijing’s assertive behaviors together."



"The current crisis in the Taiwan Strait, one underscored by Beijing’s repeated threats of war and hostile military manoeuvres, must not be regarded as a bilateral issue between Taipei and Beijing (or an internal one, as the Chinese side maintains). Rather, the soured relations must be assessed in their regional and global context. By doing so, it becomes clear that, like many other countries, Taiwan has been at the receiving end of an increasingly authoritarian and assertive regime in Beijing. In other words, Taiwan’s souring ties with Beijing occurred in parallel with, not in isolation from, a similar downturn in other countries’ relationship with China."


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"首相府指出,以宣言為基礎,英美雙方將即刻採取一連串行動,包括就簽署「關鍵礦物協議」(Critical Minerals Agreement)展開協商。

美國與日本已於3月簽訂類似協議。首相府表示,協議將讓涵蓋電動車的英國「潔淨」交通產業供應鏈受惠於美國的「降低通膨法」(Inflation Reduction Act, IRA),一如日本:使用經英國企業加工、回收或開採的關鍵礦物的車輛都有權獲稅額減免。在電動車電池原料,英國對美國已是淨出口國,協議可望進一步擴大英國在美國的市場份額。"



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