Free as in... freedom?

Free as in... work for free.
Free as in... profits for free.
Free as in... free to destroy our common future.
Free as in...

What are you referring to when you use the word freedom?

I think "freedom" is one of the most popular words that is being used in a way that it can mean just what you choose it to mean.

Recently, I have been looking into the question of licencing and I am glad that I found some approaches that resonate a lot with my take on the things. I came across the following article and I wholeheartedly recommend to read it.

Please consider having a look at this other writing as well, in case you want to get some more inspiration:

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@Phairnix I only skimmed over this cause i couldn't read past the "the flagship FOSS project is Linux'. It's not, Linux is confused Torvalds thinking GPL means only he gets to make money on it. If Linux upgraded to GPL 3 (or even wanted to) android would have been an open platform now.

The flagship FOSS project is GCC and it is the reason why we have any free software today at all and why the monopolist had to settle for LLVM, which was claiming superiority for decades now, and it still hasn't achieved it, I'll gladly watch it go down trying to support the proprietary forks galore it has spawned along with every fad it could use to market itself, but if it actually supersedes GCC, that would be the first major loss for FOSS so far, in any market that they actually had a real fight in.

@namark @Phairnix I double this opinion. it's a sophisticated web of pseudo free software that has its only goal to conquer and gain the full control over all open source for the sake of coprorations. I see this as clear as day light, but sometimes I wonder whether other people ever think about the motives behind the big trends and bright leaflets.

Thanks for your comment. I am not quite sure about which opinion you are referring to. Who is trying to gain control over all open source for the sake of corporations?

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