I have not been using this profile a lot, as I have been active on an other instance, but I might want to practice my english from time to time, so here we go.

Given that we are living somewhat disturbing times, that come closer and closer to the distopian visions exposed in literature and cinema, I have been watching quite a few (post-)apocalyptic movies recently. One of my favorite discoveries was Snowpiercer: humanity messes up with terraforming when they try to combat climate change and end up in a class war on an inhabitable planet.

Feel free to make recommendations. I love science fiction and zombie films can be fun too.

@Phairnix Mm, Snowpiercer is on my list to go watch sometime. Might bump it up a bit higher in my list now.

Not exactly a post-apocalyptic series, but possibly very dystopian as it's something that can have happened now as result of terrible choices made in society: Squid Game. The debts situation is very much a reality in South Korea, the rest in this series is just cool to watch.

@trinsec Yeah, I have seen the hype around the Squid Game series, but have not seen any episode yet. Thanks for the recommendation.

Generally, I don't like to watch series that much, as they can create a long term attachment. Film series can be great though. For example, I really enjoyed the new Planet of the Apes movies, apart from the unoriginal remake.

@Phairnix Yeah, I watched Squid Game before it became a hype. A week later I saw all about it on the news, which amused me.

Nowadays series are a lot shorter than back then. I'd be happy if a season lasts more than 10 episodes, less episodes seems to be the norm lately. I think long term attachment is alright in this case. ;)

I gather you probably already saw Mad Max, as that's kinda the default I think of when anyone mentions dystopian post-apocalyptic movies. ;)

@trinsec Yep, I have seen the Mad Max films and they the scenario is most certainly the most popular one that seems to come to peoples mind. I think Fury Road was way more enjoyable than the older ones. I rewatched the the series, as I barely remembered the older ones, and I had not seen the first one at all, which turned out to be the worse one, in my opinion. To be honest, I found Mel Gibsons acting quite lame. He's an idiot anyway, so I am quite happy that Fury Road became the best one.

Speaking of which, I happened to watch an other australian film recently: Wyrmwood. I liked the somewhat fresh take on the zombie genre. Those kind of movies can be rather repetitive, as it is mostly the same setting: virus infects mankind, the dead rise, survival begins. So it really comes up to the details and the social commentary of the circumstances. Recently, I am going through the George Romero classics. Today, Dawn of the Dead it is.

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