"Human progress" is one of the foundational myths of the West. It helps justify colonial atrocities. It helps erase all that was lost.
The end of the world started over 500 years ago and continues to this day. So many worlds were destroyed and yet the resistance of those forced into being our "other" into the backwards peoples continues to this day. Stopping the killing machine called human would not be progress but respite.

I guess the natural paradox of consuming and killing is always with us, but at such hyper speeds which people in science are backed by government doesn't seem to help in understanding that going slower or accepting existing more-careful ways can last us longer. so to do newer stuff is a BIG energy cost and risk in my eyes... for measurably less gain (as it's questionable to spend that much more time, energy, money since leadership / decision making is the problem I see biggest not the options or tools). Skipping manual work it seems cheats things a lot too.
As we had at various steps before new gain but just increase / leverage more population to push the same equation again expecting nature to always perform magic for us... so if we could just ride out what we have instead of stepping up the treadmill even more infinitely... I think that would work better and trash planet less...

I guess it's up to us the good guys (or less killing orientated) to "kill with love", restrict brute-force or however slowing it down in consumption and wastage / very extra conveniences... or however it is needed to do something less (starting with will to do that probably which isn't always there).

So if you have will power do DM me / follow / put notifications on... it seems you have the right kinda ethics and good to see where alignments are anyway :)
Perfection is not needed or expected (sometimes I think STEM is about making 'perfect' products and industry ignoring human imperfections is what we need to live with and just accept that without leveraging too much else or leaving it to leader with houses full of cash!).

Side-topic - Today on my profile I did a rapid series of "TL;DR" posts just to bang that out there as I was in the mood... but instead of that rapid fire I'm happy to chat on these types of posts a bit more or audio chat anytime.

It is genuinely interesting to see how we can find a way to balance out the natural human forces / needs / imperfection with those deliberate 'professionals' and hired guns who are taking advantage and formed by finance and hidden profit fiascos... Thanks for now / will read more your profile.

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