Hi there.
I’m Paul and as you can tell I’m currently a who plays the Piob Mor , and a who owns and flies an in .
I have a wonderful partner @vgrayauthor who is also a to my four adult children and 10 grandchildren.
As a life-long learner I have dabbled in, or immersed myself in, the following:
(new discipline in this emerging field in 1966; mainframes were the marvels - IBM 7040, PDP-10)
(22 yr. career in Canada; during this time developed what we now call the )
(another 22 yr. consulting in the human / business side of ; Including the ; and the development of teamwork for results through ; coaching other business people)
(starting as a teenager in a a long time ago)
(crew and owner of several small boats, and ; born on , so no surprise)
(, , , and now considering electric )
(over the years owned a Honda 350, Honda Shadow 750, and now a Honda CBF1000A)
(Electric Vehicles) (owner of a 2018 Tesla Model 3)
(have adopted 5 over the years)
(playing MacGyver for the above list; also since we live in a 170 yr. old house on a )

I like to ask questions. Don’t hesitate to stop me if I get annoying.
Will answer any questions with Don’t Know if I really don’t (i.e. not afraid to be clear about my ignorance)

Getting as much out of every minute as I can, so only opening my laptop when not otherwise busy.

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