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Migrated all my repositories to a free (libre) git repository service,! They can be found here:

Mass followed seemingly cool Turkish people :v

> GPLv3 is one of the most restrictive licenses. It offers high protection for the author of the software.

What is wrong with This is a literal lie, an attempt to manipulate the understanding of the reader about free software. (

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> Ryzom source code qualifies as both "open source" and "free software" but the Ryzom development community prefers the phrase Free Software.

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I just discovered that there is a free (libre) MMORPG game, sounds awesome!

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It's saddening to hear the passing of Kentaro Miura at the young age of 54. I have yet to see a work of dark fantasy come close to the brilliance of Berserk.

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LibreOffice 7.0 and 7.1 included many user interface improvements, thanks to our Design community. These included a UI chooser, icon theme updates, and more:

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If ( gender == “female” && married == True and& age =30) { hasChildren = True; } -

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I totally 100% do not care for brand clothing :blobcatgiggle:

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We're happy to announce the release of #YunoHost 4.2 !

Thanks to all the contributors and testers ! 💗

- 🌻 Rewrite of the webadmin using VueJs
- 3️⃣ Finally moving to Python 3 😅, paving the way to Bullseye
- 🃏 More sensible update strategy for dyndns domains (, etc.)
- 🔑 SFTP and SSH permissions
- 🚑 Many improvements on backups
- 📦 Around 35 new apps since January !

More info in the release note on the forum:

Nope. Cannot do yet again. Will there ever be a time where Ludum Dare does not clash with my exams' week?

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Hiii #VFXFriday!

Here's another demo for godot-shaders, which shows how UVs can be used to obtain different flow effects.
Grab it here on
@gdquest 's repository!


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On Wikipedia’s Fediverse Article, I discovered that there is an “audio, sound hosting” Fediverse server called Funkwhale. I went to the website and their publicly listed pods (a.k.a. instances, servers), and there were many tracks released that I could listen to. I thought to myself “This is great! Can I view these tracks and stuff through my instance (which uses Mastodon)?” No. I could not see the posts through my instance. Why is that?

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