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For Random Number Generator, select the Entropy Pool ... To generate Strong Random Numbers for our Nonce

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After disabling logging, our App successfully joins the Network! 🎉 Now we transmit some Data Packets over LoRaWAN


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Our App sent an empty Message because our message is too long for LoRaWAN Data Rate 2 (max 11 bytes) ... Let's increase the Data Rate to 3

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NimBLE Porting Layer doesn't work for multiple Callout Timers on OS, unless we loop the thread ... Will submit a Pull Request to Apache NimBLE 👍

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Switching a GPIO Interrupt Pin to Trigger On Rising Edge ... Crashes with an Assertion Failure ... I'll submit a NuttX Issue, meanwhile I have disabled the assertion

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I just use /dev/random for all my RNG needs.

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