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Damn, I've posted that joke so many times to social media, and no one else seems to think it's funny. I think it's hilarious. Why does no one else share my weird sense of humor?

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@PsychoCod3r Well, it was amusing, but not world-shakingly so.

Ah, I see. I guess the jokes I come up with are funnier in my head than they are to other people. :P

@PsychoCod3r Usually is the case. ;) Often results in a 'you had to be there...'

@PsychoCod3r I get the joke, but psychosis isn't really a joking matter for me.

Ah. Well, I find that joking about a condition you have makes it more bearable. That's just me.

@PsychoCod3r Understood and I'm sorry to hear about your condition, which I've experienced in others. I guess it's like blind people who make blind jokes when a sighted person making blind jokes comes across as cruel.

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