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If you have a rocket traveling vertically with only the mass of its fuel to carry, with earth sea level gravity, then, how much fuel must you carry to reach a height of 1 kilometer if maintaining a newton of thrust uses up 1 gram of fuel per minute.

Bonus: show the equation with height and fuel per time are both unknowns (variables).

Ok so i made a mistake on this problem. Turns out this was accidentally a trick question. The answer is that any amount of fuel will get you to any height. The reason being that as the fuel is expended the mass of the ship approaches 0, so acceleration approaches infinity. So by the time the rocket is out of fuel it would be moving at the speed of light no matter how much fuel it started with.

As suck I will post a new version of this question and ill make sure i solve it BEFORE I post it.

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@snder FYI, QOTO won't respond with the correct answer for 24 hours.


My Incorrect Attempt 

My Incorrect Attempt 

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