In case you didnt know, is a non-profit organization. Not only that no one who works for is paid, not even the founder.

Despite that we have a very generous donation fund. We can currently afford to host all QOTO services, give each user a TB quota, run on production level load balanced redundant server architecture, and still have enough in our donation fund to operate for at least a decade.

This is all due to the hard work of our volunteers and the generous nature of our donators. We do this with a pledge to no advertising and never selling your data..

So don't feel guilty, claim your free accounts and enjoy. We love to see how the members of our community enrich us all. It is why the volunteers like myself and the whole team do this!

@QOTO I want to understand a little bit more about the technical language in the second paragraph.

Please explain in different words: "on production level load balanced redundant server architecture"

QOTO = Question Others to Teach Ourselves?

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