As pointed out by our moderator @design_RG There are two different ways to view Remote Timelines in QOTO and they behave very differently so its important to understand the difference.

The first way is Domain Subscription, you access this through your preferences under the follower section. Using these settings you can create special lists that pull in an instances local timeline. When you use this setting the list starts empty and it populates it as QOTO sees posts from users from that server in our federated feed. This option may not show the entire timeline.

The other way is what Rob explains in the quoted post, is to go to a user's toots and click the properties button, from there you can pull up the remote timeline as a column in your local QOTO UI. This feed uses the remote instances API to directly to pull up their local timeline. You can even pint he column if you want to keep it. This has the advantage of being a more complete timeline but if the remote server has this feature turned off you may not be able to view it all. Obviously the remote server needs to support it, most servers do however.


*banned 4 MarkDown love* new January 2020 Features Added - 6 - Quick View Remote Timeline. This is something I have just discovered, as I prepared screenshots for ...
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