We are happy to announce a new QOTO service, our brand new matrix server!

Registration is open to everyone.

To either login or register a new account use any compatible Matrix/Riot client (like ). When doing so you will have to set the home server to “” (it is usually set to However keep in mind once logged in your username will be, as the matrix.* prefix is dropped. Similarly any rooms you create will be

The best part is this service is decentralized and federated so you can join any matrix room on any other server. Even cooler you can join rooms on servers that arent federated at all like IRC or So you really can connect to almost any chat server out there all from one identity and server.

NOTE: We will also be bringing up a client, likely the same client run at, for the added security. It wont change anything and you can switch clients once we have that up if you want. You can also download the client and use it as a desktop app.


@QOTO congrats! Welcome to the #Matrix :matrix: network!

Be sure to join 👌🏻♥️

@stux@mstdn.socia See you there. Likewise join me at

@freemo @QOTO That is weird! Can you send me a message? @stux bla bla :blobcatgiggle:


Got your invite to meowchat, accepted and joined (and said hi)..

When you message me in our private/direct message however it just says i cant see your message because you didnt send your encryption key or osmething.


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