QOTO's Funkwhale instance has now been upgraded to the latest version (1.1.2). Enjoy!

One small issue existing users will need to fix. The avatar's feature is new and existing users will have a broken avatar image shown in the upper left when logged in as a broken image link. To fix go into your settings and delete your avatar (do not upload a new one just yet). Then log out and back in. You should now see that the image is no longer broken but replaced with a generic avatar.

If anyone has any other issues please let @freemo know


@freemo @QOTO Just to make sure I repeat here.…

Your sites has been marked as dangerous by #Kaspersky
Botnet C&C Backdoor.Win32.Mokes


Hi. What happened to groups ? seems down.

Is it still possible to create groups ?


Ill be bringingi t back up this week, it was having some issues recently and killing the other servers as it was sucking up a ton of resources all of a sudden, something broke


Thanks for this fast answer !
I am willing to experiment with groups. Are groups a separate server / software than Qoto itself ? Are there instructions somewhere on how to deploy a "groups" instance ?

Abd BTW : thanks for this amazing work !


Groups is a seperate server, it is a modified versionn of mastodon. Accounts on that server act as the group. The way it works is you tag the account and it automatically reshares it. It also registers as an agent not a yuser so software knows its a group and not a user


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