On 4 December, at 15:19 UTC, a strong flow along the Sciara del Fuoco on reached the sea and generated a moderate , hopefully not causing damage (according to INGV). Tide gauge in Ginestra recorded it with a delay of only a few minutes, and crest to crest amplitude of ~60cm.

Stromboli is an Italian very active volcano from the Aeolian islands in the Tyrrhenian sea (Mediterranean). Its activity, and more particularly hazards due to the pyroclastic flows, are monitored by INGV.

INGV reported about the tsunami: ingvterremoti.com/2022/12/05/s
And about the volcanic event itself: ingvvulcani.com/2022/12/05/cos

Magnitude Mw 7 offshore island in archipelagos. Small waves in Honiara on other side of the island.

There, at the San Christobal trench, the Australian plate is subducting beneath the Solomon arc.

Moment tensor solution ("beach ball" on the map) implies rupture either on a vertical fault or a nearly horizontal one. More data and models will be needed to understand if the earthquake happened on the subduction megathrust or within the downgoing plate.

MT and source function from geoscope.ipgp.fr/index.php/en/
Sea level graph from webcritech.jrc.ec.europa.eu/Se

Few months ago, together with @RaphaelGrandin and J.M. Lalande from MeteoFrance, I participated as a scientific advisor to the making of this amazing scientific illustration 👇

It summarizes scientific observations on the Hunga explosion, associated global and atmospheric waves.

French newspaper Le Monde published these 2 pages in September 2022. Great work by the journalist and the graphic designer, Vahé Ter Minassian and Audrey Lagadec.

DM if you would like a higher resolution PDF 😉

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