The Sihedron Medallion is my role as a Dungeon Master. In life, I can look at the bigger picture and promote my values for the outcome I wish to see.

The "genuine imitation dragons too that was likely modeled from a bear claw" is my role as a player. In life, I deal with what I am given. I make my own choices, and if I roll a "1," so be it. I trust in my companionship, and if I go down in a pit of mobs, I will have fun doing so and laughing. You can't win if you don't play.

Both are circled by my wedding ring. My life! My love! You are the better part of me @mikmaqpeek!

I don't really have "good luck" charms. That's not my thing. I have memories, I have scars, and I have my determination to try, possibly fail, but I will by God give it my best shot.

Now on to the mountain pass of Canada while the Polar Express runs across to join my wife.

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