Pet loss, euthanasia, eulogy, cat 

I love you, our one-fang boy. You needed attention so badw, but after you gave a gentle pat politely asking, you fled when we turned to you. But over the years you stopped running and basked in our love.

You were so thin, dapper, so "I'd like to meet his tailor." The last few years as your kidneys failed, you put on a few but you were always so beautiful. We teased you for talking in the hall, and you came to us wondering what our problem was when we asked you who you were talking to.

Frisco was lonely, which is why we invited you to be a part of our family. You were a great pal, part of, "Da Boyz."

Frisco had to go in the fall of 2020. Today, we let you go to be with him. Love to you both.

Pet loss, euthanasia, eulogy, cat 

@Romaq I cried more for the loss of a 17 y/o cat than I did at the loss of my father. Mine was just a little fella that walked up to me when we already had 8 cats. Hell, what's one more? He ran the house from that day on. I'm sorry you lost yours. It took a year to get another pet after he went. He'd be mad we got a dog.


Pet loss, euthanasia, eulogy, cat 


"Cried more for the loss..." That's what @mikmaqpeek said concerning her mom. She asked me about it, I said, "Depends upon the mom."

We've had Tilly, I don't think Freddy would mind. He became pretty mellow as he aged. Freddy was nearly 17 years old as well.

Pet loss, euthanasia, eulogy, cat 

@Romaq @mikmaqpeek My mom was great. Dad was a dick.
I still talk about him [my cat]

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