I was using VS Code as my code editor for Unity scripts. Switched over to JetBrains Rider - proprietary but I got free educational license with my uni alumni email.

Now I feel like I'm being spoiled so hard by a proprietary IDE: full Unity API integration, auto recognition of Unity project folders and related scripts in the same game, separate IDE windows for different game projects.

I suppose some things in life are worth paying for.

@Rovine Does that mean you like JetBrain better than VS code.? yes me too.
There are certain requirements for the computer configuration, such as CPU, (every time I open JB, my computer CPU will go to 100% immediately)

@Sphinx @Rovine

Good tools for any trade are worth paying for. And once you get used to them, it's hard to give up and keep productivity.

So, if it is good I think perfectly natural to stay with it.

@design_RG Honestly I forget to treat software tools like hardware tools - if it's more satisfying to get a job done, paying a bit more is worth it.

@Sphinx @Rovine
For sure.

And keep your tools sharp, oil them if needed. Having to re-learn how to use new fangled tools is time consuming, when the older ones are good and productive.

I recently posted a photo of my dear Thinkpad laptop here, used it for 10 years everyday at work, brought it in and VPN'ed instantly to work with control over what I did and saw.

Turned it on last week, after a few years of non-use, and it's still a nice tool.

Find the tools that work for you, keep them handy. The main reason I have not left the windows world, since I have so many things that work well for me here. Linux would feel weird, and I never make the jump. 😞

Maybe I should try it again this Winter, on a spare machine.

@design_RG @Sphinx
For a long time I've wanted to nick an old machine just to play with various linux distros and brag about using a revived old pc.

But alas this gaming laptop has been serving me really well for pretty much everything important in my life. Except cooking I guess. (unless I run around in guild wars 2 busy world events with max graphics on 24/7)

I love quality, and it's easier and more affordable to find that in off-lease, Business grade hardware.

I am running an HP Elitebook as my main, go to platform, it's a delight. Stable, fast, 8 GB of ram, I replaced the hd with an ssd, and it has an i7 processor, beautiful lcd display.

The display alone is worth it, so commonly laptops that are very interesting cheap out on the display and suck for that reason.

This one I have is like a mac BooK Pro, all aluminum, a hefty 5 pounds or so, but I don't carry it around, just use it at home. Got a docking station for it if I ever want to place it on a desk and connect tons of disks and peripherals.

Unlike the MBP, it didn't cost an arm and a leg. I rescued it from neglect at a local pawn shop, came home and lovely cleaned its aluminum shell, the design is pretty and conforms to a few Milspec requirements.

Find that, any of it, on a consumer grade laptop is hard, and would cost 3 times or more what I paid for it.


@Sphinx Yeah I've enjoyed using JetBrains ever since I used it for a small Python script two years ago. Still leeching them with my educational license lol.

I have a gaming laptop so loading time for JB isn't a problem for me. I have more problem with Unity editor instead.

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