Finally got myself a , the Ender 3 v2

Build quality feels good, took me roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes to build, then took me like another 20 minutes to level the bed(as i also replaced the springs), and after a movie break, 10 minutes to start printing(had to find the boat model)

The print is literally the first print without any modifications to the default settings, and im kinda impressed.

-ed a caliper(because why not), and it is surprisingly somewhat accurate, also ran out of the bit of white filament i had mid print so i had to pause and switch, i have another roll of white but i want to use black for the other stuff and i think it looks better(although weird that it changes colours mid print.

It also took 7 bloody hours(which i was not prepared for mentally)

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Keeping on posting stuff I , yesterday i printed a toothpaste squasher(?), to extract all tge toothpaste from the tube, I also printed a bigger handle “addon” because the original handle was too small(and reprinting the entire handle takes time, compared to the 30 minutes for the addon).

Additionally, it seems that switching from the “stock” pla that came with the to the better ones i bought with the fixed the only printing issue i had(which was under extrusion sometimes, leaving holes in the print)
I think the stock pla was just slipping or something(and prob wasnt pure)

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Was trying to print something that had a lot of small parts in it, causing a lot of retractions in a short span of time, and it caused the extruder to EAT INTO the filament..
The worst part, ot only happened 3 hours into the print…

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Tried this, it's not a really good idea, since the plastic commonly used fro printing is quite fragile this breaks after a few usages.
The idea is nice, but it's better to make it out of metal.

Surely, but 3d printed plastics aren't really durable overall: if you want a durable plastic piece you inject it.
I was using PLA as well.

It seems to hold well for now, guess i’ll update whe/if it breaks.
I guess it also depends on how far you push it, and how much toothpaste you are tryong to squeeze out of the end.

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