Twitter users, as of this morning (12/18/2022) can no longer add #mastodon links in their Twitter profile, because any link to any mastodon instance is apparently considered #malware by Elon :-( cc #edtechSR #ConCW #ElonMusk #MediaLit #ElonsWarOnMastodon

@wfryer “Malware.” Nice. I have had a reference to my Mastodon account in my handle and profile for a few weeks now. No active link. So far my account has not been suspended.

@SandyKendell @wfryer same, but you can’t tweet any Mastodon link now. Some have suggested using QR Codes, and there is a URL shortener that works (e.g. But I won’t be using either. Time to say bye on Twitter and leave. Those who are choosing to remain to see it burn or because they want to continue enjoying its benefits under the radar have chosen their path.

@mguhlin @SandyKendell Yes, unfortunately this means others wanting to facilitate their transition away from Twitter will not be able to put in #mastodon links that can work with the automated tools we’ve been experimenting with. I wonder if we may have “crossed the Rubicon?” I am not deleting my Twitter account, but I am very happy with Mastodon and its potential to be a complete Twitter replacement for me.

@wfryer @SandyKendell Deleting isn’t same as bye. Bye means deactivating account and then logging in periodically to keep your username then repeat. I suspect many want to have their cake and eat it too. 😃 we are social media gluttons, perhaps due for some disengagement from gluttonous ways? 😆

@SandyKendell I would recommend keeping that link, when others try to use the automated tools to facilitate auto-following in Mastodon, yours will still work. I actually wish I had left mine alone.

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