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Created this infographic w/ Adobe Express to share w/ teachers & students so they can independently troubleshoot and maintain . QR codes lead to short videos w/ instructions. Here is a full-size copy you can download to print or post in your online classroom as a resource for students and families. Hope it is helpful to you!

Curious about moving from to – a Twitter alternative? Read this article to learn how to join the Mastodon migration.

Please give it a and click through to blog, maybe leave a comment about your experience making and responses to your

Trying to raise awareness about the reach possible in this space. 😉

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❄️ Day 9 of "The 12 Days of Chrome-mas"

Managing Multiple Accounts in Google Chrome

3 Options:
🕶️ Option #1 - Log in with an Incognito Window
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Option #2 - Add Another Account to your Chrome Profile
➕ Option #3 - Add Another User Profile to Google Chrome

All 12 Days at

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Four criminal referrals by the Jan. 6 committee—including inciting insurrection, conspiracy to defraud the United States, obstruction of an act of Congress and one more federal crime—for the criminal occupant of our White House who ended the nation’s sacred democratic tradition of the peaceful transfer of power. Now it’s up to Merrick Garland, Jack Smith and the DOJ to do their job and indict and prosecute this man who continues to undermine our democracy.

Just blocked my first “single guy” with generic “I’m passionate and loving and love conquers all…” profile on Mastodon. Photo with kid included. They exist everywhere hoping to catch someone off guard. Fish in another pond, dudes. This woman is not amused or misled.

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"If the question can be answered by an AI then it wasn't expecting any insight from the students"

That's wishful thinking, and incorrect. Already the current generation of AI chatbots can create significant insight, especially compared to average high school or middle school children. I've seen scientists and teachers be amazed at what some of these AI programs are writing, under certain circumstances. Teachers are downplaying them at their risk.

The picture in the new Banana Zipper is drawn with 2 moons and 1 trapezoid.

Teachers can simply copy the link and add it to a post in #GoogleClassroom. Students make a copy and start drawing. This animation is included in the free document. 👍

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Hey folks, I’m a social lead at a leading university in Canada and am trying to figure out whether it’s feasible to set up an instance for staff, faculty, and students.

Recognize that this is a big undertaking without many examples to draw from. So, if you’ve encountered any schools or Higher-Ed institutes (or are one!), I’d love to hear about it/you.

#highered #highereducation #university #education #edtech #college #educationtechnology

This morning it appears Twitter is blocking all links to #Mastodon. As a precautionary step, I removed direct #Mastodon links & references from my Twitter profile, but you can link TO my #Mastodon channel from my provided profile web link. #twitterexodus #twitter #elonjet

Reminder: If you think I, or anyone else, is detracting from your experience here, you absolutely, no question, should use the block button. I’m TOTALLY fine with that.

Knowing that others can do that frees me to be myself, engage with difficult or controversial subjects, and generally use this medium in the way that works for me. And you should use the way that works for you.

There’s probably room for both of us here.

Scarves below cold ears
Red noses above big smiles
Winter wonderland

Twitter users, as of this morning (12/18/2022) can no longer add #mastodon links in their Twitter profile, because any link to any mastodon instance is apparently considered #malware by Elon :-( cc #edtechSR #ConCW #ElonMusk #MediaLit #ElonsWarOnMastodon

If anyone here is posting about the #ScienceofReading, I would love to follow you! I am a reading tutor for grades K-3.

I'm dead serious.

Let's do a #TwitterWalkout next week.

A day next week where everyone commits to not using the site.

Take away what Musk needs from us: our content and our eyeballs.

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