Let's put this way: if you are right (and the document you've read were authentic) and their ideals didn't last among their people after their death, they were blind to their people.

Even so, it was their people who created the world we know without violating their laws.

I think they should be held accountable for this.

But at the end of the day, does it metter what they belived?

They proved beyond any reasonable doubt that such kind of laws are going to be abused to justify, normalize and freeze inequities by the people of USA.

Thus why should we try again if they failed so bad too?

You can easily change the laws, but not the people.

Better to abolish a law that is doomed to be abused most of times.

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Don't know...
It's either me that is confused about intent and outcome...
Or it's you that are confused between intent and propaganda.

See qoto.org/@Shamar/1048994583037

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In other words, I argue that patents and copyrights were designed to work exactly as they work in practice.

All you described is just their propaganda, the way they sold them to people through the illusion of the American dream.

The history of Meucci and Bell shows well how that's just rhetoric.

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Are we talking about the founding fathers of the most powerful military nation of the world?

The one with the most unequal distribution of wealth?

The one still torn by structural racism?

Yes, I think we can agree: those founding fathers were very intentional with such laws, as they were with the American vision of freedom.

A freedom without equality whose goal is to let the powerfuls strive and the weaks... work or die.

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That's rhetoric @freemo, not intent.

The sole goal of patents is to reinforce the existing power structure of society so that no innovation can suddenly challenge it.

Think about numbers: who is going to fill more patents claim? Who is going to defend them in courts?

Inventors (and authors, for copyright law) are just excuses to justify laws that slow down progress and culture just to maximise the profit and the power of the riches.

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> Web Design & Carbon Impact: cmhb.de/web-design-and-carbon-
> …
> 8. SEO

The others seem fine, but I call BS on that. The post says:

> When optimising a site for search engines, we are helping people find the information they want quickly and easily. When SEO is successful, it results in people spending less time browsing the web looking for information

But that assumes that no SEO ever results in *less* relevant sites being ranked highly.

That strikes me as …wildly implausible

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Testing Distributed Systems with Deterministic Simulation - Wil Wilson @ Strange Loop: invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=


To be honest I don't know if Torres Quevedo is actually famous here in Italy.

I learned about him some times ago, looking for uncelebrated hackers of the past.

Even Ismail al-Jazari is pretty interesting!

If you know more examples, please share them! 😉

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Essential C: a 45 page summary of the C language. Explains all the common features and techniques for the C language cslibrary.stanford.edu/101/

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When trolling your colleagues and boss via an anonymous Twitter account, don’t make this mistake…



It's not the number of supported feature who makes a system system simple, but the orthogonality of the semantics it's built upon.

I hadn't time to study yet, but there is at least one design error that I saw in the few things I've read about it, a design error that comes from HTTP: responses only provide the files requested.

Instead content responses should always provide (signed but not necessarily encrypted) cacheable chunks of sites in the form of a fs archive (tar.gz... or whatever)

This way the system would be harder to abuse for tracking: some would serve small sites as a whole on the first request and proxies would prevent the server to gain most of requests. Also such signed website chunks could be shared among users without need for a server or proxy.

My 2c, so far.
(obviously this might be wrong take on Gemini, and sorry if so... I'm very happy to be corrected and pointed to better documentantion)



I don't want to be annoying as I really appreciate your work and your business model, but... wouldn't it be safer for users to at least use an European CA?

(Now that I think about it, I wonder if any CA based in Europe actually exists...)


Uhm... and trust me: people can't realize HOW MUCH JavaScript sucks until they have to fix a bug into a 20 milions lines JS codebase that turned to be caused by... a bug in the garbage collector of a browser.

is not a Promethian technology.

It's a sadistic prank of Loki.

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I've seen things that you human... 😉

Nevermind COBOL: rewriting ANYTHING in a bank is almost impossible.

ALL the banks I worked with either still internally use IE9+ or support it through crazy wrappers that switch the layout engine according to crazy euristics.

Fun fact: they would have the money to rewrite all of their infrastructure each 5 years, BUT the risks are so high that they setup huge stacks of patches one over another, all over the system.

@wolf480pl @rysiek


> banks running COBOL software
> would be wise to take note

I guess you've never worked with or for a bank (except maybe on web frontend matters)...

@wolf480pl @rysiek

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@cjd no worries, we can get it fixed with JS.

Oh... wait.

Hi @Tutanota on the browser I get a Let's encrypt certificate for .

Is it correct?

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US Christianity 

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@freemo Did they ban twitter clients for hate speech? Because there's a lot…

It's not the clients/dev job to block stupid fucks' instances. It's the admin job. By the way, it's not even effective, it's either a FLOSS client and you can remove the block or a proprietary client and you trust it, and it's an open door for shitload of abuses (No way to make sure it won't block other instances on whatever arbitrary criteria they choose, for political reasons, money, or something else… ).


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