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"For five years, Republicans let him degrade political culture by normalizing his behavior. For five years, they let him wage war on democratic norms and institutions. For five years, they treated his nonstop mendacity as a quirk of character, not a disqualification for office. For five years, they treated his rallies as carnivals of democracy, not as training grounds for mob rule."

5 anni.

Noi con Berlusconi ce ne abbiamo messi 20. E i danni li pagheremo ancora a lungo, temo...

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La lezione è che demagogia ed antipolitica non danneggiano le parti politiche.

Danneggiano le istituzioni democratiche.

Opporsi a demagogia ed antipolitica è obbligo prepolitico.

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Non condivido.

Meno male che c'è la carta.

Ci fossero stati solo bit in un database Trump non sarebbe stato sconfessabile e i suoi 60 ricorsi indimostrabili.

E allora sì sarebbero stati cavoli amarissimi

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"I agree", an interesting project from 2018 by Dima Yarovinsky were he printed “terms of service” of the leading online services that we use on a daily basis on A4 to show how small and helpless we are against those.

Finally, in 2020, 9.2.0 has been ported to .

Not a big achievement in the grand scheme of things, but still Jehanne is the first fork to run modern binutils and GCC.

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No, trust is not slavery.

But if you are not even aware of such trust or what such trust enables, if you cannot understand in any way if it's going to be used well or not, if you cannot have any sort of impact on the life of those you trust... that's slavery.

If a doctor poison you, your parents can sue him, kill him or whatever...

So your trust is backed by a form of feedback control.

If Google (or Twitter or Facebook) tune your search results (or time line or whatever) to hide certain ideas from you and your neighbours or to increase the probability a certain idea spread among your peers... you have no way to imagine that unless you have a deep understanding of how the software you use works.

Same if WhatsApp tell you it's secure. Or Signal, or...

Informatics is everywhere, just like writing.

If you HAD to resort to a free reading&writing service for ANYTHING you had to read or write, would you call it a democracy?

I guess not.

Informatics is exactly the same: it's a primitive field, just like writing was in Ancient Egypt. And it's a tool to centralize Power, just because it's primitive.

To free people, we do not need to give them easy tools for free. That's what pretend to do!

To free people, we need to give them SIMPLE and COMPOSABLE tools but we also need to explain them that they shouldn't let any software they do not understand deeply TO USE THEM!

Because if you do not understand a software, you are not a user, but used.

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Very bad ruling re #Assange and press freedom. The fact his extradition to the U.S. was ONLY rejected on mental health grounds and not PRIMARILY on press freedom grounds is absolute bs.

I hope it's not a way for this judge to shake the case just so that SHE doesn't go down in history books as have made the decision to extradite him, but that the U.S. hope is the higher court will reject the health grounds as she pretty much sided with the U.S. on the actual merits of the case.

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My wife is a doctor.
I helped her a lot during University, PhD and even to organize her work efficently (she follows more then 1200 patients spread on a wide territory).

So I know a bit or two about medical theory and practice.

It's a completely different matter.

Informatics is about Information.
Information is the building block of our minds.

You can delegate medicine (that has thousands years of history) without being enslaved because you do not need it for every thing you do.

You cannot delegate Informatics in the same way because you need it for every thing you do.

It's really like delegating your mind. Would you delegate your mind to people you cannot understand, reach or effectively held accountable for what they do with it?


I know what you mean, but it's really like saying they have no time to learn how to write!

Sure, part of the process is to invent an alphabet for so that the few orthogonal and fundamental concept can be learned since primary school.

BUT I'm sure that all peasants in Ancient Egypt would have argued they had no time to learn how to write! That's why they were under a Theocracy! That's why they had no time, after all.

Informatics CAN be simple.
But by making it EASY, by hiding its fundamental complexity (that is basically the complexity of math and human logic), you teach people to depend on tools... that could (and in the long term, will) enslave them.

Hey @ondiz come va?

Fra qualche giorno parteciperò alla per discutere questo breve saggio sulla lotta di classe degli informatici:

Mi piacerebbe moltissimo sapere cosa ne pensi...

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"In 2019, OpenAI LP received a US$1 billion investment from Microsoft."

"Why did OpenAI choose to release an API instead of open-sourcing the models?"

😴 😴 😴 😴 😴 😴

Well, you can change your fucking project name for a start #openai #gpt3


I think there's no safe way to use primitive tools (like the ones we have these days) for people who do not understand their inner working.

lock them in chains by telling them that can be easy and for free, but what looks easy is just a way to enslave you.

A more honest approach would be to say "Informatics is simple, but it cannot be easy until you learn it."

Like it or not, there is no way out.

Let strangers chain up you hands and necks and you will still be able to try to escape .

Let them chain up your mind, and you will never realize you are a slave.

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uMatrix can sometimes block access to URL shorteners.

To get around this, I usually do "curl <url>" in a terminal and pick the long URL from the response.


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