Finally, in 2020, 9.2.0 has been ported to .

Not a big achievement in the grand scheme of things, but still Jehanne is the first fork to run modern binutils and GCC.

First run of Operating System since the spread of in Piedmont, .

Cleaning up the port.

1943: Italian phrase book for American soldiers during the second World War.

Brand new models from my daughters' . They built the safest system money can't buy, the only one a child should be allowed to use.

And note the App selection for their operating system: they didn't ask for any suggestions!

It feels neglected and wants to leave.

I didn't intend to hurt your feelings, ...


Thanks to people can run tools on .

Think about it....

... a little more...


Let me give an hint: people can install an X server too (separately, either # or ).

Nothing yet?

Ok, last tip: you can install from / Linux.



You can teach people how to read protected on Windows.

But that's not the most interesting lesson you can teach them.

Through this DRM violation you can show them how fragile is . 😉

And it's even more general: there are always ways to subvert an oppressive system, usually provided by the oppressors themselves.

A great used to say: "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick." 👼


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