: Speciale Elezioni 2022

A 10 giorni dall'ultimatum del , abbiamo scoperto che oltre 60 partiti inviano oltreoceano dati personali sensibili, in violazione del .

Gli abbiamo chiesto di smettere.


.US will perform scheduled maintenance for 17 networks and temporarily suspend deposits & withdrawals.

Learn more nitter.net/BinanceUS/status/15

Yes, you read it right: you won't be able to withdrawal your , and so forth...

What did you expect?

ongoing... 🤣

Pensare può richiedere fra il 20 e il 25% delle energie consumate dal corpo.

E' una fatica immane, @minimalprocedure

Per chi fosse interessato è uscito l'ultimo numero della rivista Gli Asini, dedicato quasi interamente a , e (si parla di , , , ma anche di criptomenate, etc...)

Leggibile in

La scuola al mercato dei dati.
Così il controllo della didattica rafforza lo strapotere delle multinazionali , e in testa.

Da leggere l'inchiesta di Stefano Zoja per
con dati inediti del sulle piattaforme di nella scuola.

demystified: a decompiler

To prove that any "artificial neural network" is just a statistically programmed (virtual) machine whose model software is a derivative work of the source dataset used during its "training", we provide a small suite of tools to assemble and program such machines and a decompiler that reconstruct the source dataset from the cryptic matrices that constitute the software executed by them.

Finally we test the suite on the classic dataset and compare the decompiled dataset with the original one.


"What have I learnt?" asks Niklaus .
" must not be regarded as for , but as for "

I hope that one day people will really understand and embrace Wirth's legacy.

We will have a better cybernetic world then.


Finally, in 2020, 9.2.0 has been ported to .

Not a big achievement in the grand scheme of things, but still Jehanne is the first fork to run modern binutils and GCC.


First run of Operating System since the spread of in Piedmont, .

Cleaning up the port.

1943: Italian phrase book for American soldiers during the second World War.

Brand new models from my daughters' . They built the safest system money can't buy, the only one a child should be allowed to use.

And note the App selection for their operating system: they didn't ask for any suggestions!

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