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Concludiamo l'anno annunciando che L'Italian Linux Society @ItaLinuxSociety :linux: ha recentemente distribuito oltre 7000 euro in donazioni a progetti #freesoftware e iniziative legate alla cultura libera :stallman:
Un'iniziativa lodevole che va a premiare piccole e grandi realtà #noprofit che vivono solo grazie alle donazioni 👍
Fra i beneficiari ci sono anche che ricevono 500€ come sostegno ai costi di hosting dei server ❤️


#linux #devol

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Trickle-down economics is the theory that if I eat both my lunch and your lunch, this will somehow eventually prove nutritious for you too.

(It’s the lie we tell starving people to keep them from slitting our throats.)

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non c'è una motivazione razionale che sia una per avere uno spione^Hassistente vocale in casa
RT @klivdahl
OMFG My 10 year old just asked Alexa on our Echo for a challenge and this is what she said.

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#RC3 TODAY! Assange premortem – a collective contemplation on the eventuality of Julian Assange’s death in prison. - 29 DEC. 15:00–18h00

The persecution and prolonged isolation of Julian Assange is exacting a heavy toll on his health. He recently suffered a foreboding minor stroke.

If #Assange were to die tomorrow, what would it mean? For one, would his death deter or radicalise journalism?

An informal, open talk with xekola & al.

(Accessible from outside #RC3World )

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Il pensiero fisso, che tutti dovremmo avere, quando siamo in rete, non è "che spiino pure, tanto non ho nulla da nascondere", ma "non mi piace essere spiato, mi da fastidio, SOPRATTUTTO perchè non ho nulla da nascondere".
La nostra privacy è un nostro DIRITTO, non una gentile CONCESSIONE di qualcuno.


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This is so cool: The German government is sponsoring a game to teach people git!

Maybe I can finally learn to use this magical thing now, and not just add issues trough web interfaces… :)

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Stamattina mi sono svegliato con un impegno preciso: degooglizzare definitivamente il mio FP3+.

È così, alla fine, questo è il mio primo toot dal mio FP3+ con /e/ OS installato.

Una bomba.

P.S. @filippodb sono riuscito, en passant, a far funzionare perfettamente anche fedora 35 sul mio macbook air 7.2, alla grandissima.

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Since this account is blocked by @downey (admin of on the basis of sexual harrassment and misogyny, and also he has suspended my other account ( for its connection with me I wanted to invite all those who understand English to find a single case of such posts in entire my account.

Are we giving bullies the power to maniplulate administration and rule fediverse? Is this the way we want to build a new way of social media administration?

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After blocking Azadon account, I got more suspicious that he himself has some involvement in what is happeneing. And yes! He is one of those cancel culture people who made the open letter against #rms. I was on the opposite camp.

The interesting fact is a Cancel Culture advocate has cut me for "criticism of those promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion"!


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Carola Rackete è stata prosciolta. Non fu “favoreggiamento dell’immigrazione clandestina” ma “dovere di salvataggio”

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Coming up on 1 year on the fediverse.

I started out self-hosting my services with a nextcloud. It was really great having access to a service like that anywhere I went. It was a shock to realize that when you run your own service you can use it however you like -- there's no admin to complain that you're not using it the way they want.

Shortly after, big tech started their shenanigans in earnest -- Once they've banned the sitting president of the united states, there's no chance of escaping the censorship.

I started out on alt tech, minds and bitchute. They were fine, but you could see that all it would take is someone to change their minds about how to run the site and suddenly we're back to square 1. On supposedly free-speech minds, one of my posts got reported and at that point I just wasn't interested anymore.

Around the same time, Google had been warning they were going to shut down hangouts. Over my life, I've had a lot of services I use shut down or change such that I can't use it anymore, and it's getting annoying.

I started to go about figuring out how to start up my own service.

I tried Friendica at first. There are some things I really liked about friendica. Once I got the interface working the way I liked it was definitely a looker, and I still prefer the way it shows threads by default. Unfortunately, I found that friendica was very heavy on the back-end to the point that I wasn't able to know for sure if my posts were getting out there. If I had a beefier server it probably would have been fine, but I didn't.

Next I moved to pleroma, and it was much more responsive.

Today I'm running pleroma on the back-end with soapbox-fe as my front-end. Along the way I also set up a peertube instance, a searx instance, an invidious instance, a Matrix homeserver, an xmpp homeserver, and a lotide instance.

It's really cool! Essentially, most of the tabs I have open now are from my own services.

There's lots of interesting people on here so content isn't really a problem. Some people have reported my posts, but that's because they're literally stupid. Every report I've seen is "I disagree with this guys politics!" which was summarily ignored.

The only service I still routinely use from big tech is youtube, though now mostly through my invidious instance. I spend a lot of time on my peertube instance, however.

I'm pretty sold on the fediverse ecosystem at this point, and I'm totally sold on self-hosting. Nobody will get rich off of it, but what I envision is someone coming up with a box that you can install in your house that will allow setting up and maintaining self-hosted services automatically, and then everyone would be independently using their own services that communicate with others' self-hosted services.

I grew up on the Free Internet. I don't care to live on the locked down Internet. I like seeing ideas I don't agree with. I like seeing things that make me feel uncomfortable. I like seeing things I think are wrong. I like seeing things that make me think and maybe change my own views. This is the last best bastion of freedom left.
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Shamar boosted La scuola e l'università potrebbero, ma - salvo eccezioni - in Italia sono fra gli enti che aderiscono e favoriscono l'assuefazione agli oligopoli proprietari.
Individualmente tento di farlo sfruttando l'articolo 33 della costituzione, ma questo significa venir sistematicamente emarginati da coloro che si sono adeguati all'idea che il modello del docente universitario debba essere il ragionier Filini.

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Non è impossibile evitare di sottomettersi a GAFAM Ma come trasformare le scelte individuali in scelte collettive, soprattutto per chi lavora in istituzioni e aziende che fanno l'opposto?

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Andrea Lattanzi è il vincitore della quinta edizione del premio giornalistico under 35 Letizia Leviti, la cui cerimonia si è svolta a Palazzo Vecchio alla presenza del sindaco di Firenze Dario Nardella. Lattanzi ha ottenuto il riconoscimento per l’articolo pubblicato su La Stampa dal titolo "Una vita senza Big tech, storie di chi cerca alternative ai giganti del web: non barattiamo i nostri dati per i loro servizi". Nella motivazione si legge che il lavoro di Lattanzi "è un lavoro ‘politico’, nel senso più alto del termine. Un lavoro di visione, di concetto, che ci dimostra come, anche in questi anni che viviamo, ci si possa ’slegare’ dai vincoli della tecnologia.…
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Completely bloat-free, javascript-free lightbox implementations. Insanely optimized, pure CSS. Makes viewing images on web pages more user-friendly.

The optimized version is currently 140 bytes!

I've had this for a while now, and thought I'd publish it.

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