Day 20: Lazy day just updated some spacing and variables names to stay on the challenge

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Day 19: Contrary to what I thought of as lazy. It seems auto types have a lot of benefits, some of which are:
- reduces errors made by type conversion
- improves performance (on most cases)
- its possible to commit to a type
auto w = new widget{}
auto w = widget{12, 34}

Day 18: the rss feed was fine but for some reason the anchoring was behaving weird. Found a workaround by using the height instead

Day 17: damm pointers D:< spent about one hour looking for a lost asterisk "*"

Day 16: Always remember to use deleteLater on QObjects instead of delete

Day 14 is the any disadvantage to use "auto" type in qt?

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Day13: Added connection to rss, not sure why it can be useful for a client manager

Day 12: today I realized the usefulness of the refactor tool in Qt when creating new classes. It's much more faster that typing by hand and less prone to errors

Day 9 & 10:
Yesterday I forgot to toot about it, I completed the function to search and show results in the client manager

Day8 R2: Today I started adding functions to search the database

Day7 R2: I can finally create and save client info, I still need to allow to read it tough

Day 5 R2: Today I really didn't do much, added some tests

Day4 R2: Finally managed to be able to run my client manager again :)

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