Salutations friends of !

On my bus on the way to work. It's another beautiful day here in Tel Aviv.

I hope it'll be a beautiful day for you too!

I'm a bit peckish so this morning I'm asking another about food:

What is your perfect breakfast?

For me I'm looking at a Full English with a side of waffles.

@Surasanji Baguette with nutella, rapsberry jam and cheese. Not all at once of course and with that either milk or tea.

Now I'm hungry.

@Surasanji Hey! I hear Tel Aviv is very beautiful. I have never been there but I'd love to go just to see the history of such a place.

My perfect breakfast depends on if you mean healthy every day breakfast vs just the tastiest.

The tastiest would have to be poffertjes with lots of butter. freshly made, just a little goey onthe inside. Its a dutch thing and its the most delicious thing I've ever put in my mouth (and I have put a lot of things in my mouth!).

But alas I am on a keto diet, and even if I wasnt they are pretty unhealthy for you. On my keto diet my goto breakfast is 2 fried eggs cooked in butter with salt and hot pepper. If I'm particularly hungry I will also toast up a small slice of my homemade no-carb bread I have in the fridge (the specific variety varies every time I cook it).

I adore Tel Aviv. And there is a lot of history here. Museums, too. Once we're in winter I'll probably take some time for a photo tour of my favorite places.

@Surasanji Please share it to I would really love to see those pictures.

@Surasanji A long lie in and an early lunch with something fish related:) I prefer sleeping to eating ❤️

Nothing wrong with that. Sleep is fantastic!

The breakfast buffet at the Scandic Luleå! It was the best breakfast I've ever had. Most unexpected for what's essentially a travel motel. They even make their own breads and granola! 10 kinds of yogurt, including lactose free and soy yogurts. If I lived there I'd want to eat there every morning.

@Surasanji For me it's eggs over easy, some roasted potatoes, and bacon that isn't too crispy. I can't overeat at breakfast or else I just want to go back to sleep!

@Surasanji I'm a bit torn between chilaquiles or a chicken biscuit. And if it's the weekend, I enjoy swapping my morning coffee for a good coffee stout or schwarzbier...

Now I'm hungry, but it sounds like I've planned out my breakfast for tomorrow though.

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