Today's #RandomQuestion is... 

Hey there ! Hope you're all having a fantastic day so far. My boss' dog is in the office today, which is always nice. He's an excellent manager.

Today's is as follows:

If you could solve one as of yet unsolved mystery, problem, theorem or other such unknown what would it be?

Again, no wrong answers!

For me, I'd like to solve the P vs NP problem. It's way outside my skill set, sure, but it probably be a way to get some sort of movie deal, right?

Looking forward to hearing your guy's answers!

Today's #RandomQuestion is... 

@Surasanji Great question. Here's a problem: What are we all going to do for a living when robotics and AI make human work obsolete?

That would be a good one to solve.

Today's #RandomQuestion is... 

@IsaacMaw_Robots Good question!

@IsaacMaw_Robots @Surasanji I don't think work as it is now would be necessary, but if you'd like to, you could continue the same tasks. Because AI/robotics has made human work obsolete, I guess there would be enough food (and well distributed), so you could do whatever you would like!

I imagine a world where interpersonal communication would be central: a lot more people have/make time to visit their (grand)parents.

That, or an mondial omnipotent company controls E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. 🤷‍♂️

@pkok @IsaacMaw_Robots We all hope for the Roddenberry vision of the future. Honestly, I dream about it.

But, a lot of people forget that humanity had to go through a literal hell before that future was realized.

I don't know, for sure, but I can only hope for the best.

@Surasanji @IsaacMaw_Robots Oh yeah, the transition will be terrible. Most rich people will lose their privilege, so what is their incentive to participate?

Even non privileged people might oppose the transition, as there is a lot of uncertainty how the world looks afterwards. And why go with something that might be either great or terrible, while you can enjoy safe mediocrity?

@Surasanji @IsaacMaw_Robots Still hopeful it will come in our lifetime though!

@Surasanji Knowing a few things about the nature of the universe would be very interesting:
- To what extend its the universe deterministic?
- How did life begin? How can we recreate that setting?
- What is the mind? What do we perceive exactly?
- How can we travel through time (besides the usual 1s/s-only-forwards type)?
- What set off the Big Bang?

Today's #RandomQuestion is... 

That's pretty cool!

Personally I wouldn't mind being able to prove (or disprove) the existence of God, for we currently can't determine whether or not such a being exists when it's not on our standard human, 4-dimensional, observational scientific plane (that is, something we can't identify with our 5 senses).

This isn't exactly a mathematical equation or anything, but if I had the opportunity to solve *any* mystery, this would probably be the thing.

Today's #RandomQuestion is... 

@Surasanji I'd figure out who came first, the chicken or the egg.

But seriously, I don't know. Solving a mystery may remove the wow factor and with some stories, I enjoy the mystique. I would like to find Atlantis, not necessarily discover that it was all just a great story. I would like to prove that aliens exist, not find out that they are a hoax.

This is a thinker of a question. Nicely done!

Today's #RandomQuestion is... 

@Surasanji for me it has to be whether there is life somewhere else in the universe. I would like to think that there is. I mean the universe is VAST and old. This means that the universe would have had enough time and random trials to come up with life many times over. So eventually I would love for humans to have contact with these other life-forms. Which in turn could shed light on how light began on our own pale blue dot. Sounds reasonable?

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