Hi. I had written an earlier post but it lacked details. So a grad student in physics, with applications in (macro-)economics. Have my fingers in lots of pies: Pyrotechnics, Science popularization, Freelance on machine learning and deep learning. Like to learn new languages - computer and human. Interested in new pedagogical techniques and/or bringing teaching into the 21st century. Looking to discuss on any/every topic under the sun. Good day!

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Starting my next post which will be about the TEM mode on a two-conductor transmission line. Specifically I'll be looking at a coaxial geometry and using to calculate the field distributions, the characteristic impedance and the Poynting vector. Just had a go and it all seems to be working.

While I'll focus on a coaxial geometry the method can be extended to more complicated geometries just by changing the mesh & boundaries. I've just had a go at an odd mode impedance and it came out just right!

The best thing about this post will be how easy it is.

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Trying out \(\LaTeX\):

\[\sum_{n = 0}^{\infty}\frac{f^{(n)}(a)}{n!}(x - a)^n\]

Hello everyone: are there other instances of mastodon talking about specific stuff like, I dunno, science fiction, fantasy. As an aside, I am totally digging the format which allows for more complete replies, posts and random thoughts. Thanks. :)

Hello everyone. I am a student in in . Interested in newer ways of mathematics to young students.

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