#RandomQuestion for 29/08/2018 

Hello ! Hope you're all having a fantastic day so far. A bit warmer than I prefer today, but it be a perfect day for the beach here in Tel Aviv.

Today's is as follows:

You've discovered a machine that will allow you to add or remove one evolved aspect of modern humanity. It would change everyone instantly, and no one but you would know that anything has changed.

As with yesterday's question this machine can only be used one time, afterwards it is broken and can never be repaired.

What do you change?

I would change the evolution of the eye to have more color receptors. I don't have any good reason why. I just think it be neat to see colors I've never imagined before.

#RandomQuestion for 29/08/2018 

@Surasanji I would make sure everybody has empathy. That world make many of the world's problems easier to solve.

#RandomQuestion for 29/08/2018 

@Surasanji are you familiar with Mary the color-blind scientist? One of my favorite thought experiments! This is the very thought experiment that helped break through the idea that our existence is of a purely physical nature.


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