Just want to remind our users at that Advertising is the one of the only things that'll get you instantly banned here. I've had a lot of advertisers come through, so, fair warning! If I see it, you're on your way out the door!

Love Dave, one of your friendly Mods. <3

@e If you're only here to advertise a service or product and not to be involved in the community in any way, than you are likely to be banned.

But, say you're here and you're talking about your job, that's fine. If you say, Hey, I really like so and so product- that's okay. But if all you're here to do is sell or push a product, it's against the TOS and you'll be shown the door.

Dave Kingdom of what? Dave from Tel Aviv. Hi ...well I am going to be kicked out of...soon too.

@drdej555 KSA= Kingdom of Saudia Arabia. Kicked out of what?

We're fairly laid back here in terms of what is posted- just remarking that a conspiracy theory that involves both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and "The Zionists" seems a little thin in terms of 'things you can definitively prove'. .

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