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@11112011 @georgia @deadheat MAYBE even TRIPLE banned.

@11112011 @georgia @deadheat And because I got this here circumcised Jewish ISraeli Penix between my legs I'd be at least double banned from Cliterati.

@11112011 @georgia @deadheat So, yeah. She can make whatever rules she wants on her instance. She can say whatever she wants, that's cool and well within her rights.

But those same policies, and my right to speech, let anyone call her out on hypocrisy, bullshit, and stupidity. That's my right.

@11112011 @georgia @deadheat She can make her instance whatever she wants, no argument there.

Equating Zionists and/or Jews and/or Israel the country to Nazis/Nazi Germany is just internationally recognized to be Antisemitic. Even by one of the most Antisemitic countries in the world: France.

@11112011 @georgia @deadheat Even the French Government has agreed that Anti-Zionism is the new Antisemitism.

If anyone is familiar with history, they'll understand how big a fucking deal that is.

@LennartMathiassen Surely they were like gods who made this.

DaveTLV boosted Hey, it's that cute Israel Awoo again! :D

@mewmew The history is fairly clear- Lebanon and Jordan both had Palestinian uprising that involved in whole-sale slaughter of the Palestinian people. It would happen here as the country is forced to absorb millions of people all at the same time. There would be uprising, slaughter, and no one would come out on top.

Jews would again be mass murdered by a people for whom Antisemitism is a cultural institution.

The only solution that would allow for long-term peace, and no loss of life would be 2 states.

@mewmew that's just it, it isn't an ideal solution. It's a terrible solution. A single state will just create another failed arab state. The arab nations would expel all their Palestinian 'refugees'. You'd have a massive influx of people who want to literally murder the Jewish people.

It would mean I'm dead.

@mewmew It'll never happen. Sorry. Two state solution is better than one state solution.

@p @georgia @TheMadPirate @null Oh. Are we pitching moves that are so bad and so unlikely to get made that even fucking Harvey Weinstein wouldn't help? :( Hope you feel better soon.

@freemo STaring into SinterKlaas' eyes is like staring into the void.

@11112011 Uh.. Um.. And I answer Cebola to that, right?

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