@root I think you can be trusted with this quest.

@root don't forget to add cheese and bacon to those potatoes. They grow together in nature. You can trust me, I'm a Scienterst.

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here's a crop of july's wallpaper on patreon, if you like the comic this is the best way to support it! ⚔️ patreon.com/timecowboy

@johnrandom@cryptids.online Let's hear it for the Orb! Star of this year's SGDQ, with the audience calling for Orb the entire time!

Good work, Orb!

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@root Yoink the beer! Yee(s)t the food capitalists! Publix for the Public!

@root :O Ohmy. It's time to RISE UP with this YEAST.

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@root food is good. Eat food. (FoodCo. Probably)

@root I also feel like you should draw honchking.

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@bryceyoungquist I still love you, Bryce Youngquist. I think you are fantastic.

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