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2 died of Ebola: They said Obama should resign.

4 died in Benghazi: They had Hillary testify for 11 hours, held 33 hearings, and launched a 4-year probe.

763,044 Covid deaths, an armed insurrection & theft of classified documents: They cheered, and want Trump to be president.

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$125,972 raised for the funeral of Jordan Neely, the black man who was murdered by Daniel Penny.

$2,067,641 raised for the legal defense of Daniel Penny, the white man who murdered Jordan Neely.

America in a nutshell.

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👋 Hello #fediverse! I'm going into a meeting at 4ET to talk about our newsroom's social media options.

If you think our station and other NPR stations should have a Mastodon server and a broader presence in the #fediverse, pls boost this post. If you have thoughts, please reply, I want to hear them!

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Just a reminder, being a horrible person shoukdnt be tolerated simply because they claim their religion says so.... **YOU** choose one of any number of interpritations of your religion that caused you to be a horrible person. Thats not your religions fault, thats just you finding an excuse to be a shit human. No one needs to tolerate you being a shit human just because your a religious shit human.

That is all...

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I don't care if Mastodon gains millions more users... I just want it to have the right kind of users.

People who are not assholes. People who care about others. People who are thoughtful and considerate, and are not here to attack others and spread hate speech.

I'll take the good people in smaller numbers over the masses of asses.

I've always been part of countercultures, subcultures, and small groups... and I prefer it that way.

#mastodon #fediverse #freedom

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Boost this if you ever had to manage naming your computer files using only eight characters, plus the three character extension.

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RT @Gdad1
Being against the existence of an observable aspect of life won't make it cease to exist.

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"Elon Musk Caves to Pressure from India to Remove BBC Doc Critical of Modi"

This is why platforms like Mastodon need to exist. We should not let billionaires control our media.

#musk #elonmusk #twitter #modi #india #censorship #mastodon

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Pro tip for recreational book readers:

If you are more than ~20% into the book and, after putting it down for other activities (like sleep), aren't eager to resume where you left off -- stop reading. Life is short. Move on to a book that you can't wait to keep reading.

This is especially true for library books, because other people may be waiting for the one you find meh.

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The stochastic nature of interconnection in contemporary 'globalised' 'culture' means there is no Good way to do things, only a commitment to continuous striving to do things less badly. As a starting point, rather than basing action on the assumption that you are correct, begin by assuming you are incorrect and reevaluate.

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I'm delighted by all the goodies and benefits I happened into on mine here at qoto. The starting text block is at 64K, which is huge in comparison to most, for example. The description page at will give you a rundown, and I think you'll be pleased and surprised by the list of features.

Despite the recent enormous surge in activity and memberships, the server is still speedy (as is the administration). I've had zero trouble with any unpleasant characters lurking about. The management is pro-active in handling issues quickly. The underlying reason for its existence is as a science and science education instance, so there are many intelligent and well-spoken folks about.

Even though there are now over 25,000 users, the admin is reachable and responsive.

Hope you check us out!

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As people are leaving Bird for good, I find that many are engaged in what I believe is a dangerous and misguided game of mixing apples and oranges. After what just happened, and all that it has revealed about reliance on for-profit corporate entities for interpersonal and community interaction, why advocate for another such environment? Substack is already known garbage, and Post provides no future-proofing. When I say, “seize the means of your social media production,” this is why.

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