Continue to be really impressed with the development of #Tusker My new favorite feature is the ability to follow public timelines from instances other than your own. I love my little Wandering Shop but it's nice to visit other places too, like the Dragon's Cave or the Tweesecake Kitchen. So, what other instances should I check out?

I'm delighted by all the goodies and benefits I happened into on mine here at qoto. The starting text block is at 64K, which is huge in comparison to most, for example. The description page at will give you a rundown, and I think you'll be pleased and surprised by the list of features.

Despite the recent enormous surge in activity and memberships, the server is still speedy (as is the administration). I've had zero trouble with any unpleasant characters lurking about. The management is pro-active in handling issues quickly. The underlying reason for its existence is as a science and science education instance, so there are many intelligent and well-spoken folks about.

Even though there are now over 25,000 users, the admin is reachable and responsive.

Hope you check us out!


@AndyLowry @dotsonapage @freemo This does a good job of summarizing why I chose this server when creating my own account.

On the one hand, those who found this info on their own before joining are probably the envisioned userbase, anyway. But I do hope this thread / toot goes at least a little viral; right now, I fear it's only really visible on the local qoto instance, and 'we' are already aware. Perhaps it is more visible in the fediverse (?) than I realize. One can hope.

In any case, I'm glad I found the domain, and didn't just look for the 'most popular' one to start out with. The content I've seen here so far aligns nicely with the as-stated goals, IMO.

I also signed up for Post; between the two, it has more of the look / feel of the ; enough that I'd term it a younger clone. At first, that's what I felt would win hearts / minds--a cloned UI. But this platform and the open-source infra is definitely growing on me.

The mobile capability existing here is a big plus, as well (I'm writing this via Tusky). Not sure how far away the Post community is from having same, but not having it 'now' is definitely going to stunt their growth.

I'll stop here, before I'm tempted to use more of the block :) But no longer having to squeeze a thought into 255 chars? Yes, please.

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