New posting! A riff on permanent positions in , and how 6 months in has already brought more career stability (= permanent position) than 20+ years in . πŸ‘‡

New posting! Here is the Total Internal Reflection #2023 retrospective: >30,000 page views, nearly 20,000 visitors, and the most shattering decision of my professional life to date.

As always, a massive thanks to all of you out there for reading/favouriting/boosting/commenting on the postings - much appreciated.πŸ‘

It's also just over 1 year since arriving here, and it's been fantastic to meet and connect with so many of you. Here's looking forward to many more reflections in 2024!😊

New posting! This is the annual look at some great and great in honour of . This year's style winner comes from Japan 🀩

A massive thanks to @batroelens for nominating a couple of 2023's style exemplars...😊

New posting! This is a short riff on the importance of scientific supply chains. The departure point is the coronavirus pandemic, and the way it illustrated the vital need to have a domestic supply chain to complement outsourcing. The same lesson, I think, is true to science training. Hope you like it!

The outrageously talented
Oliver Hoeller hasn't contributed to TIR in a long while (😒) but he does have a new book out 🀩- now all you budding artists and fans can learn some tips & tricks if you'd like to try sketching the world around youπŸ‘‡

One week in to and it's time to celebrate some more great scientists with great ! Here's Part II of the TIR Movember series. Anybody you'd like to nominate for the 2023 edition?

is under way! For those not in the know, the foundation raises awareness of , , .

To tie in with the event, TIR has an annual posting of "Great scientists, great ", and 2023 will be no exception!

First though, let's take a look back at previous iterations in the series... Got someone you'd like to nominate? Let me know.πŸ˜ƒ πŸ‘¨πŸ‘‡

New ! This one suggests that good offers an escape to the problem faced by many (most? all?) contemporary group leaders in . Hope you like it! πŸ‘‡

"More and more bitter, self-pitying, repetitive" - a regular reader slams TIR's recent content (ouch!). Reminds me of a similar discussion I had nearly a year ago that inspired the following posting (πŸ‘‡)'s certainly difficult balancing scientific wonder with structural commentary. But point taken; let's see if I can provide a bit more sunshine 🀩

Interested in and ? My dear (Tootless) friend Susanne Kramer has a -funded position available now in my old home of the University of WΓΌrzburg. Full details (including contact email) in the pic below πŸ‘‡

New posting! This one riffs on a few talking points from my latest (not quite my last!) paper, namely the role of in accelerating research and providing a "director's cut" of papers, how NOT to do , and the importance of involving in frontline research.

New posting! After at the end of April, my "jobseeker" status lasted exactly 2 weeks in the end. As of Friday I have now started a new career direction in - some thoughts on that in the posting πŸ‘‡

New posting! It was an honour and an absolute pleasure talking with Bruno Lemaitre about the impact of on .

Bruno discovered the role of the pathway in the immune response to fungal infections, but the prize went to his postdoc boss, Jules Hoffmann.

Besides the interview, there's also a link for the FREE download of his book on the topic. πŸ‘‡

I would really like to do a 2nd iteration (& regular series) of this posting conceptπŸ‘‡.

I'm looking for /#BAME scientists to share their stories not of what they do, but of what inspired them to follow a career in . Maybe a teacher? A friend of the family? A TV programme?

Message me/reply if interested.

New posting! This one is a guide on how NOT to start a research group in - in other words, all the things that I wish I'd done differently or that I wish I'd been more aware of when I started back in 2015. I hope that helps anyone else out there taking their first steps in this direction! (And any comments/additions very welcome). πŸ‘‡

New posting! This addresses the recent controversy at the 2023 Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting, where one of the speakers used his time to complain that he felt discriminated against as a white man.

To my mind, that isn't what's surprising and shocking about the episode.

The surprising thing is that on this occasion, a courageous young female scientist actually called him out on it.

The shocking thing is that despite such sexist, chauvinistic comments still being commonplace, such interventions basically never happen. And they should.

New posting! This one is about the number of unpaid hours in , an insight that's come from the realisation of how much time I'm still committing despite now (currently) being unemployed. To what extent is academic research sustained by the massive expenditure of unpaid labour? How much unpaid overtime do you think you're clocking? Let's lift the lid...

New posting! This one considers the outsize influence that 1st have an career progression in , and argues that this is a system that needs to change (especially seeing as the prestige publication model is unlikely to be overturned any time soon).

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