Good morning Resisters
I have to drive to Springfield for a medical appt today.

For those who want to see a semiliterate rant, someone gave me the link. Qoto did not like page 1

Good morning Resisters everywhere
It's 26⁰F and the sun is shining. 40mph wind.

Good morning Resisters

21⁰ here. Started the day an hour ago at 19⁰. Big fire now and still in bed but coffee in hand.

Good morning 🌄. The sun is shining. But it's a chilly day. Hard freeze 26⁰ tonight.

Goodnight Resisters everywhere

Good morning to the brave people of Ukraine. Today we all mourn the passing of a brave warriors, Dmytro Kotsiubailo. He will be remembered as long as Ukraine is free.

If indicted he will continue his campaign.

Donald Trump admits he's being criminally indicted - Palmer Report He knows there is no magic wand.
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