I have been in Branson since yesterday. Getting ready to go visit Mochas and Meows coffee. You get your coffee drink in one room and walk into the other room to play with the cats. And yes, cats can be adopted there

Today, Ukraine is commemorating the first anniversary of the first successful battles of the full-scale war - the battles in the north of the country that resulted in the enemy's retreat. On March 21 of last year, the battle for Moshchun, a small village in the Kyiv region, ended, and it was the first major victory for Ukraine in this war. Other such victories followed, such as the battle for Gostomel, the battle for Irpin, fighting in the Chernihiv and Sumy regions, the battle for Zmiiny, a fierce confrontation in the south of Ukraine, and a unique defense operation that brought freedom back to the Kharkiv region. We will achieve the same result in other active actions, such as the heroic battle for Donbas, which will ultimately be won by Ukraine, and the subsequent confrontation in the south, which will restore normal life in the Azov region. Glory to all those who are fighting for Ukraine near Bakhmut, near Avdiivka, near Vuhledar and in all other hot spots of the front line! Glory to our heroes!

A rocket launched by a separatist group struck a building on the grounds of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate monastery in Odessa, resulting in four people being injured.

Russian forces launched four missiles towards the city of Odesa, with the X-59 model being the preliminary type. Air defense forces were able to shoot down two of the missiles, but unfortunately, the other two missiles struck the city. A three-story building located on the grounds of a monastery was damaged, and three people were reported to have been injured.

At approximately 7:40 PM on March 21, 2023, two X-59 air-to-surface guided missiles fired by Russian Su-35 fighters from the Black Sea were shot down by the air defense forces of the South Air Command in the sky above the Odesa region.

The Odesa Regional Military Administration reported that attackers used SU-35 fighters to launch an attack on the Odesa region. Air defense was able to shoot down some of the missiles, however a civilian building was still hit. There were some injuries, but thankfully no fatalities. The fire has been contained.

At a press conference with President Zelenskyy, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced that Japan will be providing $30 million for non-lethal weapons for Ukraine. Additionally, he promised $470 million for the energy sector and other industries.

We are awaiting official confirmation regarding potential strikes in the Odessa region. There have been no reports of air defense missiles hitting residential buildings; these are Russian claims.

⚠️Currently there are no targets in the Odesa region. There were approximately 3 units, some of which were missiles.

There are currently no targets in the Odesa region that were previously composed of approximately three units, some of which were rockets. Do not leave the shelters until the alarm has been lifted.

For clarification. When they say targets they refer to Russian missiles and UAVs

There was an explosion in Odesa, and the initial air defense system was activated.

Right now, tactical aviation is active in the Black Sea and missiles/false targets have been launched towards the Odesa region. Take cover!

Two missiles have been launched towards the Odesa region, prompting an air alert to be issued.

The authorities of the Bryansk region reported that a drone attack occurred on the Novozybkov oil pumping station owned by Transneft. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident and emergency services are on the scene. As a result of the attack, some nearby areas experienced power outages.

Over the course of the day, the Defense Forces' aviation conducted 5 strikes on areas where the invaders were concentrated, and missile and artillery units were hit, including an ammunition depot, two anti-aircraft missile systems, a radar station, and other important enemy targets. A very good result!

As of now, heavy fighting continues in Bakhmut without pause. The situation is very dangerous and the enemy is continuing to build up their forces. Each day is becoming more difficult than the last. In Kremennaya, the enemy has increased their attacks towards Torske and Serebryanske forestry, but so far they have not been successful. In Avdiivka, the situation is difficult in the area of Kamianka, Nevelske, Severne, and Pervomaiske. Fighting continues!

Putin stated that China's peace proposals could be used as a foundation for resolving the situation in Ukraine, provided that both the West and Ukraine are willing to do so.

That's not going to happen. Hey Putin, if you want peace, withdraw your troops.

@trinsec Very carefully I would imagine. Sounds to me like someone was setting a boobytrap

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