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📢New episode is out!

We go over the science behind the Winter dip / Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Including light therapy on visually impaired people.


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It takes real resolve to stare down a deadline due tomorrow and decide to watch one more Youtube video 😅

Where my fellow procrastinators at ?

New Ep out tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we discuss with assistant Prof Francesca Grisoni @fra_grisoni who leads @molecularML just how AI is improving drug discovery.

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😍14 Valentine's quotes for scientists ❤️

5 /14
We promise it is not a heart condition, it’s love!
Unless it lasts longer than 4hrs then go see a GP!

Check out all 14 here💘

This meme hits too close to home for me 😅

What was your longest "easy"experiment ?

mine was 1.5 years 😅

And they walked passed eachother and said nothing... The end 😅

Are you more of a leave early or arrive late kinda person?

😍14 Valentine's quotes for scientists ❤️

3 /14
We does not condone or support the use of lab equipment for anything other than its intended use ;)

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With Valentine's Day around the corner we thought we'd spread the love with some fun science inspired cards

1 /14
A cute Valentine for all the chemists among you!

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Step 1: make the plan
Step 2: follow the plan
Step 3: Throw out the plan 😅

Need to know has anyone ever had results that fit the hypothesis? .. asking for a friend 🙊

This is shockingly accurate for me right now?

Anyone else also busy writing their thesis at the moment 🙂?

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