April Fools is coming up fast!🥳

It is time to prepare and brainstorm about the best pranks to pull.

We have scoured the internet and selected the 3 best Lab pranks! 🥼

🧵 below

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. 

Have fun and be sure to double check your ethanol stocks the day before 😅

🚨New episode is out!

In this episode, we go over our journey.

All the ups and down and what we would recommend people who are looking to get started with scicomm.

Possible to keep the friends and get the gold 😅

Are you staying in academia or going to industry after your PhD? 

With April Fools' around the corner we thought we'd provide you with some fun jokes/pranks to use in the lab this year!

They're so good you won't mind getting pranked by them😂


Happy Pi day everyone !

Help yourselves to some nice 🥧while you try to memorize the decimals in Pi.

Here are the ranking so you can see how well you do 

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